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Pittsylvania County Republican Committee Holds Meeting In Chatham For Key Local Elections

A few of the people who attended the Pittsylvania County Republican Committee Meeting of 4/20/2023

The Pittsylvania County Republican Committee held a meeting in Chatham yesterday for key local elections that will be on the ballot this November. The Republican Committee is going to hold a public mass meeting on May 12 at the Pittsylvania County Community Center, which is also in Chatham. That meeting will be held to nominate Republican Party candidates for several Board of Supervisors seats and for the Clerk of Court race. Bryan Haskins is running as a Republican for Commonwealth’s Attorney for the county unopposed for the nomination and Tim Dudley is also unopposed for the Staunton River Board of Supervisors seat. Those who get the most votes at the mass meeting will get the official Republican Committee endorsement and backing in November. Chairman William Pace opened the Thursday night meeting.

Anyone can attend the coming May mass meeting and vote in at it as long as they are a registered voter in Pittsylvania County who pledges in writing that they support the principles of the party and to support the Republican candidates in this November’s general election. However, if they have participated in a primary of another party in the past five years they cannot participate unless they renounce affiliation with that party in writing at this meeting. Full information on the process is available in this PDF file.

For the Clerk of Court race candidates Jarrett Stone, Jennifer Wyatt, and Angie Harris have all thrown in their hat for the Republican nomination.

Although there are five board of supervisors seats up for vote this November, only two of them have candidates competing for the Republican nomination. In The Chatham-Blairs District these includes Ken Bowman and Frank Fox, while in the Westover District Ron Scearce and Murray Whittle are vying for it.

Several candidates for the Republican nomination spoke at the meeting yesterday to gathered committee members.

You can be a part of the May 12th mass meeting to help decide who will get the Republican nomination for these various county races. The meeting will be held at 6:30 PM and is expected to last for about two hours. Early registration is at 5:30 PM, so I’d recommend getting there before 6:30 PM. There is more information about the mass meeting on a Facebook event page created for it you can find here.

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