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Alvin Bragg in Wonderland – Barry Koplen

Non-stop, news regarding our 45 th president’s arrest for an invented crime, a charge cobbled together as if by a law school first year playing with his torts text. But Alvin Bragg, stooge that he may be, is no rookie.

What he’s done to American justice and its jurisprudence should be unthinkable, even as table talk among legal pundits. Some would say Bragg has ‘pulled off’ a stunning coup. But the truth is that the dirty ‘facts’ he sifted through has sullied him in its dust. In many ways, Bragg has personified the meaning of chutzpah; he has made that useful Yiddish term seem tailor made. To him. That word, chutzpah, has a colorful definition, so applicable here.

Imagine a young man, about Bragg’s age, being on trial for having killed his parents. In the courtroom, standing before the judge, the murderer pleads for mercy. Straight-faced, the guilty young man tells the judge his sentence should be lenient because he is an orphan.
That kind of chutzpah is tantamount to Bragg’s baseless attack on our 45 th president.

Chances are that Bragg will pay a career-altering price for his imprudence. At the very least, he owes an apology to America, its core values and to those who believe that our laws must not be so mercilessly manipulated.

That’s what Bragg has done as if on a stage so public that he can’t deny his intent or its display.

Many Americans will demand to know how he justified promoting such a senseless distortion.

Others will insist that he resign.

But a few may egg him on, may lure him not to waver from his egregious path in his dauntless pursuit as Alvin in Wonderland.