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John Wick rides again! – Barry Koplen

Some overly quiet nights seem to require the stimulation of an American action flick. Tonight was one of those nights when I couldn’t resist the latest John Wick movie, Chapter Four. I must admit that, when compared to other unimpressive movies I’ve seen lately, I was certain this one would be one I might even want to see twice.

Sadly, I must admit that it wasn’t.

But that wasn’t because it wasn’t well made. It was. And most of the characters were interesting to watch (although I had questions about the blind character’s exceptional agility). Above all, Chapter Four offered almost non-stop thrills.

Isn’t that why I went to see it? My answer is, “Yes…but…”

There were hints that the movie had run its course, that new material was hard to find when action scenes involving John Wick seemed all too familiar. Almost every up-tempo scene was reminiscent of similar scenes in the earlier Wick movies.

That included the killing scenes where he never ran out of bullets nor men to kill. Or Wick being hit by cars. Or Wick falling from the third floor only to get up and run away.

I’d watched many similar scenes starring Mr. Wick in his earlier movies.

That’s why the end of the movie came as a surprise, perhaps the only one in the entire movie. Of course, I won’t spoil it for you by describing it.

But I will tell you that, despite that novel scene, I won’t return to see Chapter Four a second time.