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Brett Oland: Benefits of Gold Backed Banking For Protecting Your Wealth – Palisade Gold Radio

Tom welcomes Brett Oland, the CEO of Bow Valley Credit Union, about their gold-backed initiative. Brett has been in the banking world for 20 years and he is a chartered accountant and CPA.

Brett believes that inflation is a massive problem and it will continue for the foreseeable future, resulting in the devaluation of the US dollar. Brett explains currency printing, debt to GDP ratios, and how governments have crossed the debt to GDP Rubicon. Brett also discusses the environmental hysteria surrounding the green revolution, the US sanction list, and the One Belt One Road initiative, as well as the US unfunded liabilities and the worldwide pension crisis. Tom then asked Brett about the possibility of a European nation, such as Spain, Greece, or Italy, falling as a result of the rise in DXY and commodities. Brett believes the US Federal Reserve will pivot either through quantitative easing or interest rate reductions. Brett suggests that the tool to stabilize the US balance sheet is gold, as it is globally accepted, and the US would need to couple their currency or treasuries to gold to prevent a massive deflationary event. In order to protect Bow Valley Credit Union from the potential economic downturns, Brett has created a strategy to anchor part of their balance sheet with gold. Brett believes this strategy provides an effective way to hedge against tail risks, such as a devaluation event. Brett encourages everyone to talk to their local credit union and push for change in order to protect their finances against inflation.