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The Bear Market Of 2022 Is Over, But The Stock Market Is Not Going Into Another Bubble Boom – Mike Swanson

Stock market volatility is actually shrinking this year, after we have gone through three years of extreme volatility in the markets. The move up, after the 2020 bottom, brought a bubble boom to such things as crypto, penny stocks, and individual “tech” stocks like TSLA. A lot of people who got into the markets for the first time, after the 2020 low, think what they experienced is normal and things will be like that again, but it won’t be. What they saw was only possible, because interest rates went down to zero and now we are in a time of systemic inflation. We simply are not going back to the way thing were, even if gurus still tell them that, because that is what they want to hear. And frankly the internet algorithms deliver people want they want to hear so it’s almost futile to tell people how the markets really are as it is hype that they push.

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