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New All About Danville Podcast Launches With First Episode – Mike Swanson

All About Danville is the brainchild of well known Danville Realtor and business community leader Hampton Wilkins. The podcasts feature Hampton and local newscaster Chuck Vipperman with the goal to serve these purposes:

1. They want to reach out to those who are coming to Danville to land one of the thousands of new jobs that will be available in a matter of months. This can serve as your introduction to the region. Future podcasts will focus on specific parts of living here in Southside Virginia.

2. For those who are *considering* moving to this area, the podcasts will strive to give you a good look at what we have to offer. Danville is a unique place with resources that appeal to people across all demographics.

3. For those who are already in Danville, these podcasts will hopefully fill you with PRIDE! It is easy to ignore the things that we see every day. We take them for granted. But stopping for a moment to appreciate what is around you will help you realize there is so much more to the Danville area than you probably suspected.

There are a LOT of exciting things happening in Danville right now, things we could have only dreamed about in the past. The next five years will lay the foundation for a fabulous future that few could have envisioned. And All About Danville wants to talk about it.

We will have guests appearing on future podcasts with insight on the big changes that are coming, and we want to hear from YOU!

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Here is the first podcast.

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