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Dreams of innocence? – Barry Koplen

For those of us who will never trust ‘Honest’ Joe and Son, Joe’s latest ‘misstep’ comes as no surprise. What he’s done to American integrity is criminal. However, once again, many of us question why ‘Sneaky’ Joe has been so difficult to catch.

After all, he’s been caught red-handed with top-secret documents next to his box of Handi Wipes on a shelf in his garage. Chances are that he forgot they were there. Or he may have forgotten the trail of such documents he had scattered like Sticky Notes.

However, thanks to his team of snoopy lawyers, Joe’s no-no’s have been discovered!

Actually, they were discovered long ago, but Joe may have been asleep (wink wink) or purposely unaware when they were found. That must have been the case since well-paid government investigators didn’t have to sniff around to find them.

No problem. Now that he’s Prez, Joe can’t be jailed. He can only be impeached. And that’s a lengthy process, a process that might add to the distraction that the cache of top-secret documents has provided.

In other words, if we’ve shifted our attention from the border crisis that has allowed 320,000 (250,000 illegals and 70,000 got-aways) aliens to scurry into our country during Joe’s sweet do-nothing December, we might forget to look at what will happen in January when thousands of truck loads more aliens will invade.

In other words, most of us wondered what Joe had done when he ‘visited’ El Paso, Texas and thanked their administration officials for cleaning the streets prior to his visit. Nothing much happened during Joe’s time there. After all, it was just a brief visit.

He had to hurry home to make sure the winds hadn’t scattered more of those pesky top secret documents. Once he was home, he would make sure that his lawyers, their clean-up patrol, had finished their work.

Only then would time come for Joe’s good, long nap, his dreams of innocence.