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JFK Assassination Records Dump 2022 – Ochelli Effect

With the latest alleged addition to the JFK Assassination Records Collection happening the day before, we thought Larry Hancock would be the best voice in the JFK Research community to help Chuck explain what is going on after a quick look at what the government released.

Larry and Chuck explain the many problems with the MSM description of The Biden administration’s BS attempt to comply with the Law. Funny thing how the Trump administration did something similar but made it more obvious that the agencies were calling the shots. The result is discussed and a preliminary look at what is the net gain from allegedly 12-13 thousand documents released to the public.

To listen to this podcast click the MP3 file here.

This is the article Chuck reads from on the show:

Biden releases most JFK assassination records — but withholds thousands
All the documents should be made public under a 1992 law, but the administration is declining to follow its letter for the second year in a row.