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Rockingham County Resolves to Honors Veterans Through Operation Green Light

Rockingham County Government is shinning a green light to honor Veterans this November.

Wentworth, NC (November 8, 2022) –  Rockingham County Government is illuminating its building green as part of Operation Green Light, a statewide initiative to show support for veterans. Rockingham County is partnering with the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners and the National Association of County Veteran Service Officers this Veteran’s Day to raise awareness of the challenges faced by veterans and their families.

   North Carolina is home to 700,000 veterans with about 5,400 residing in Rockingham County. County Leaders have a great respect and admiration for the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces, protecting our freedoms. County leaders also recognize these heroes face hunger, poverty and even suicidal thoughts when transitioning back into civilian life.

Resolution of Op Green Light
   “We can’t imagine the struggles they face when returning home,” County Manager Lance Metzler stated, “Through Operation Green Light, we’re expressing our profound gratitude for the sacrifices and contributions they’ve made for us.”

   Residents are encouraged to participate by simply changing one light bulb in their house to a green bulb. This can be an exterior light that neighbors and passersby see, or an interior light that sparks a conversation and serves as a reminder to veterans they are seen, appreciated, and supported.

   “I think this is a great reminder and conversation starter,” Director of Veteran Services, Wanda Lane said when about Operation Green Light. “I serve the veterans first hand here in the county and see their struggles. In my role, I hope to continue to help them receive the benefits they have earned and deserve.”

   Although Operation Green Light is a week-long event surrounding the Veteran’s Day Holiday, state and local leaders are encouraging all of North Carolina to continue shining the green light year-round in support.

   To learn more about the services the county provides to veterans and their families, please visit  the county website or watch the latest conversation between Lane and the County Public Information Officer.