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First Week of EMS Academy Starts In Rockingham County, North Carolina

Rockingham County begins its first EMS Academy allowing trainees to be educated while being employed.

Wentworth, NC (October 28, 2022) –  Rockingham County Government is excited to announce the first week of their new EMS Academy has begun. Working in partnership with Rockingham Community College, trainees are given the chance to earn their basic Emergency Medical Technician certification while being paid as County employees.  

   Rockingham County Human Resources received a total of 38 applications. County Emergency Management and HR invited 18 people to interview with 11 completing the process. Following a series of tests and interviews between the county and college, a total of eight people were accepted into the Academy.

   “These eight candidates will first be in a classroom setting, learning the tools they will need in the field.” Rodney Cates, Director of Emergency Services said. “Week 4 is when they will start their clinical ride time on the trucks with a preceptor.”

   The first three weeks of classroom instruction are set to be a full 40-hour work load from RCC instructors and county EMS employees. From there, the trainees will spend 28 hours in the classroom and 12 hours on ambulance trucks with a supervisor for the remaining 4 weeks.  

   “The county continuously takes proactive measures to ensure that we deliver the highest level of services possible to our citizens,” Cates continued “This inaugural EMT Academy is further evidence of these proactive measures.”

   County Manger Lance Metzler and the Board of County Commissioners both feel this is a positive step to recruit and retain medical professionals to work for Rockingham County.

   “I am encouraged by the turnout we saw for this first Academy and the level of enthusiasm I see from our staff.” Metzler stated, “I look forward to seeing the progression of this academy and it’s impact on Rockingham County as a whole.”