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Was President John F Kennedy Going To Destroy the CIA Deep State – Mike Swanson

Many people on the internet and in articles have said that President JFK was going to smash the Central Intelligence Agency into the wind.

But was he?

In this video I explain what really happened.

JFK made a move to eliminate the name CIA from everything and even split it apart in 1961 – but did not do it.

Here are the details and the real reasons why.

JFK did make changes though.

I touch on some of them and in the next video will go into more detail.

The book I cite in this video is Roger Hilsman’s To Move A Nation pages pp. 79-81….

You can buy it here.

This video is from the archives of the Past American Century, a podcast I did a few years ago. This segment was originally published on November 11, 2018. I am now slowly moving past segments of the show to this Youtube channel to centralize all of my videos on to one channel.

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