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Key Milestone In Reach For Caesars Virginia Casino In Danville, Virginia

A key milestone is in reach for the construction of the Caesars Virginia Casino in Danville, Virginia. Two years ago voters in Danville agreed to allow Caesars to operate a casino at the former Dan River Mills Schoolfield plant site. That meant the site would have to be prepared for construction of the casino and the former plant demolished to clear the way.

Work on that began late a few months ago and the former plant is so big that it looked like it would take all year for it be complete as the demolition company doing the work chose to tear it down with a wrecking crane instead of dynamite it. That was the only choice with surrounding homes in the area and the fact that asbestos and dangerous debris would go into the air everywhere if dynamite would be used.

I stopped by the work site today and as you can see from the picture there isn’t much left of the former plant. It now looks like it is only weeks away from being taken down. When the work started it appeared it could take well into the final months of this year for this milestone of the casino construction to be complete. Now it is within sight of happening.

Here is one photo angle of what is left.

Here is what the site looked like last year in October.

As you can there is not much left of what once was.

Caesars did a presentation of the architecture drawings of the casino. To check it out, with more info on what it will be like when it is done, go here.

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