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The Slow Erosion of Pax Americana w/ Doug Bandow/Ernst Jünger, The Human Cost of War, and the Global War on Terror w/ Casey Chalk – Parallax Views

On this edition of Parallax Views, Doug Bandow, former special assistant to President Ronald Reagan and regular contributor to Antiwar.Com, The American Conservative, and Responsible Statecraft, joins me to discuss his trip to the Doha Forum in Qatar and the vibe there as well as President Joe Biden’s “New World Order” speech. This leads us to a conversation about the potential slow decline and erosion of Pax Americana, the waning of U.S. dollar hegemony, and what it means for the average American citizen. Doug also speaks to the issue of the ceasfire in Yemen, the need for the U.S. to relearn diplomacy, not getting trapped in defending figures like Putin while opposing the U.S. foreign policy blob, rating Biden’s response to the Ukraine crisis, and much, much more!


In the second half of the program, we present a previously lost interview with Casey Chalk, who served in the military, joins me to discuss his The American Conservative article “The Somme And The Global War On Terror”about what we can learn from the German WWI soldier Ernst Junger through his recollectionsof the brutality of warfare in Storm of Steel. Junger has been accused of romanticizing war and was of a conservative, reactionary-bent politically, although he was critical of Nazis and the Third Reich. This conversation, which sees a left-leaning individual in dialogue with a conservative Catholic, attempts to deal with the human cost of war without getting bogged down in current issues like the American culture wars. It is a conversation I am proud of even if I find aspects of Junger problematic. I’m grateful it was saved from oblivion and offer my sincerest apologies to Casey Chalk for the extreme lateness of its publication (it was recorded in the aftermath of the Afghanistan withdrawal). I hope Casey will accept my apology.