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The “NC Tyrant Hunter” Comes to Chatham Courthouse To Film Confrontation In Pittsylvania County, Virginia – Mike Swanson

The owner of the Youtube channel “NC Tyrant Hunter” came to the Chatham Courthouse in Pittsylvania County, Virginia this week to provoke and film a confrontation with the courthouse personnel to put on Youtube. The Youtuber describes himself this way – “I record the police and government officials in all types of settings. I will hold the government accountable. I will go where most will not and I will push the boundaries to see if police officers uphold their oath to the constitution.” He has done what he calls “1st amendment audits” in multiple towns throughout North Carolina and South Carolina over at least two years and decided to take a trip to Chatham to do one. He asks for donations to encourage him to keep up his fight.

You can see what happened in the video he put up on Youtube below. To give you a quick summary, though, it looks like he went to the courthouse door and was told that he could not bring his camera into the courtroom to film. He then said that he is a member of the press and his press freedoms were being denied, then proceeded to throw a fit and say a four letter curse word at the court employee at the entrance. Then he insulted him further, but it looks like his attack just rolled off the man. Really, I don’t think any court case inside the Chatham courthouse has ever been filmed and you can’t just go anywhere with a video camera either. For instance, you can’t go inside of a casino and film. Try it and you’ll be kicked out. And don’t try going on a military installation or secret facility acting like this, because you can get in big trouble if you do.

Is this man behind the glass door a “tyrant” or is the man filming being a jerk?

Like Fox News says, you can decide.