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Tunstall High School Varsity Basketball Team Co-Piedmont District Champions Honored By Board of Supervisors of Pittsylvania County, Virginia – Mike Swanson

The Tunstall High School Boys’ Varsity Basketball team won the Co-Piedmont District Championship for their first District Title since 2012 on February 10, 2022. The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors expressed their deepest congratulations and admiration to the Tunstall Trojans for this accomplishment by passing a resolution honoring the team last night. They had a blockbuster 18-6 season record. This was also the first season of the team under coach DeMarcus Morrison.

As for the rest of the meeting – Interim County Administrator Clarence Monday had his contract extended another 30-days with a contract that can be extended each month. Hank Gritt also got removed for heckling and Supervisor Bob Warren warned Chairman Vic Ingram that his family could be hit by a smear campaign if he goes on the Social Services Board, after Ingram announced that he plans to take Barksdale’s place on it. I guess that is the mean side of Warren. Gritt also went on a tirade against the Commissioner of Revenue and defended the Brightminds real estate assessments last year. All of this negativity from a few, doesn’t take away from that the fact that Tunstall basketball did good and people are looking to bring Love Signs to the county, which would be great to see too. Oh, and there is a company launching at the IALR that has something to do with submarines. That was a tidbit revealed in a presentation done about the institute for the board at this meeting.

The video for this meeting of the Board of Supervisors was streamed and record live and posted on Facebook.