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Progress Made At Pet Center In Pittsylvania County, Virginia

The Pittsylvania Pet Center had an amazing year in 2021. As we all know, 2021 was a difficult year for all of us due to the lingering effects of COVID-19. There were a few hurdles along the way, but adjustments were made and the mission of finding our animals their forever home continued successfully with the help of our community and many partner organizations.

In 2021, the Pittsylvania Pet Center distributed over 150,000 pounds of dog and cat food to our local community. This was instrumental in helping those in need to continue caring for their animals with our assistance. This program was made possible through partnerships and donations from community organizations like Greater Good.

We also had a very successful year with our spay and neuter program—an important part of our efforts to reduce the number of feral cats in our communities. We handed out 2,000 spay and neuter vouchers to the community. This helped immensely to lower the cost of spaying or neutering the beloved pets for our citizens of Pittsylvania County. The Pet Center also spayed or neutered an additional 1,900 animals here at the shelter. We are proud to know that the Pet Center and our citizens had a total of 3,900 animals that were spayed or neutered. This is a great accomplishment by all and helps with our community’s overall pet population.  

The Pittsylvania Pet Center took in over 2,000 animals into the shelter in 2021. We adopted out 770 animals this past year. There were 808 animals transferred to other shelters for adoptions throughout Virginia. Early in 2021 we even began partnering with a nonprofit that flies our animals to Maine, where families are ready to adopt them. Because of these creative partnerships, we maintained a 95% save rate in 2021, meaning that 95% of the animals that came into our shelter have either been adopted out, transferred to another shelter to be adopted, or are still in care.

The Doggie Bag Thrift Store, which is a joint venture between the Pittsylvania County SPCA and the Pittsylvania Pet Center, is still going strong and is helping the animals of Pittsylvania County. Please stop by and check out their items for sale at an affordable price.

All our success and accomplishments are attributed to the awesome and dedicated staff, volunteers, and all our donors. Due to the generosity of corporate sponsors and individuals, we were also able to raise over $150,000 during 2021 and we look forward to an even better year in 2022. It is amazing to watch the hard work, dedication, compassion, and respect that is given to our animals daily. A special thank you goes out to all our donors and volunteers. You are all a vital part of our continued success in finding our fur babies their forever homes! All of us at the Pittsylvania Pet Center are looking forward to an exciting and even better year in 2022.  

By Brent Weinkauf, Pittsylvania Pet Center Director