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Havana Syndrome, TikTok Tics, & Mass Psychogenic Saber-Rattling/The Lucrative Business of Anti-Vaxx? w/ Mia Jankowicz/Amensty International Israel/Palestine Report w/ Stephen Zunes – Source – Parralax Views

On this edition of Parallax Views, award-winning journalist Brandon R. Reynolds joins us to discuss his recent WhoWhatWhy piece “Havana Syndrome and TikTok Tics: Many Forms of Mass Hysteria” and the potential geopolitical implications of mass psychogenic illnesses in the age of social media and renewed tensions between the U.S. and countries like China, Russia, and Cuba.


In our second segment Insider (formerly known as Business Insider) journalist Mia Jankowicz joins us to discuss her coverage of prominent anti-vaxxers, chief among them Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and how their enterprise may be proving quite lucrative for them. Among other things Dr. Tenpenny is connected to MyPillow’s Mike Lindell (who has been pushing conspiracy theories about the 2020 election) and has promoted sensational claims such as the belief that vaccines turn people magnetic.


And finally, Dr. Stephen Zunes returns to the program to discuss the recent Amnesty International report arguing Israel is in engaging in the practice of apartheid against Palestinians, especially in the Occupied Territories. Dr. Zunes will also give his thoughts on the reaction of the U.S. media and Congressmen to the report.