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The War in Afghanistan is Not Over w/ Kyle Anzalone – Source – Parallax Views

The War in Afghanistan is Not Over w/ Kyle Anzalone

November 18, 2021


On this edition of Parallax Views, Kyle Anzalone, host of Conflicts of Interest at The Libertarian Institute, joins us to discuss Afghanistan and the problems it is facing from U.S. freezes on assets and sanctions as well as ISIS-K. We also discuss the Pentagon’s investigation in a deadly drone strike that killed civilians in Afghanistan. No one, as of the current moment, is being held accountable and the incident has been described as a “tragic mistake”. However, as it turns out, this is not the only time such self-investigations have led to little systemic change in regards to drone strikes and airstrike that have harmed civilians. In this regard, we discuss the story of a 2019 airstrike on Syria that led to civilian casualties that has received renewed attention and criticism as of late. Kyle and I also talk about the issues with asset freezes on and sanctions against Afghanistan that are arguably a form of economic warfare and hurting Afghan civilians in a time of food insecurity and a broken infrastructure in Afghanistan. Other issues discussed include:

– Family separation of Afghan refugees; the U.S. military losing an Afghan baby during the evacuation

– Afghanistan’s long winter; the U.S. withholding $9 billion dollars in assets from Afghanistan

Journalist Anne Applebaum’s recent defense of U.S. foreign policy Blob talking points in The Atlantic

The New York Times seems to think that the wars are over

Data shows U.S. allies contributing to decline of democracy worldwide, says New York Times; Pakistan funding of the Taliban; Saudi Arabia as a destabilizing force in the Middle East

– Attempts to isolate countries like Afghanistan and Iran through sanctions; Russia and China

– And more!