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Pittsylvania County Government Gives Update On Real Estate Reassessments – Mike Swanson

People that own real estate in Pittsylvania County recieved reassessment notices in the mail with new updates on their property values this month and projected tax payments. Many have complained on social media of sticker shock, seeing their real estate values rise from 30% and even some claims of 50-100%, while others that own pure land have seen their values drop by 20% in some cases. I can report that I have seen such land assessment notices with my own eyes. The value increases have generated a fear of being soaked by higher taxes by many. Board of Supervisor Ron Scearce, who is the current Finance Chairman, however, issued made a statement on Facebook to try to reassure people, stating that “This Board anticipated higher property assessments due to Brightminds’ thorough work identifying and measuring every improved property in the County. Establishing fair market-based values for every property will allow us to reduce the Real Estate tax rate in the Spring of 2022. Citizens should understand that the Levy amount on the reassessment notice is most certainly higher than the levy to be established before tax bills go out in May,” but this did not stop the concerned posts on social media.

Yesterday, Pittsylvania County released this podcast and an update on Facebook about the reassessment situation you can find here.

Here is a direct link to the podcast.


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