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Release the Last of the JFK Records w/ Larry Schnapf and Jacob Hornberger – Source – Parallax Views

On this edition of Parallax Views, environmental lawyer Larry Schnapf and Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation join me to discuss the efforts of Larry and others to get the last of the documents promised by the JFK Records Act released to the public. Efforts appear to have been made to keep the last of the records from being released vis-vis a memo that in the estimation of activists like Larry Schnapf and Mark Adamcyzk wouldn’t hold up in court as a reason for further release delays. What does this mean for government transparency? Will President Biden’s Executive Order related to the review for the declassification of 9/11 documents (which could shed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s to the event) be a model for getting the release of the JFK documents? And Jacob Hornberger makes the case for why he believes JFK was assassinated by what amounts to a larger conspiracy than just the lone gunmen figure of Lee Harvey Oswald. We also very off into the issues of vaccine mandates without getting into an argument. Other key topics covered: Kennedy Vs. the National Security State, the JFK assassination and the CIA, John Newman’s JFK and Vietnam, Nixon’s “Bay of Pigs” comment, and much, much more, All that and much more on this edition of Parallax Views.