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Barbara Slavin on the True Winner of Iraq War 2 – Source – Scott Horton Show

Scott Horton interviews Barbara Slavin from the Atlantic Council. “Slavin recently co-authored an article with Abbas Kadhim about how Iran’s influence in the middle east has grown substantially since the U.S. overthrew Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. Slavin explains that the U.S. was more supportive of Iraq while they were engaged in a brutal war with Iran in the 80s, because the foreign policy establishment saw Iran as a bigger threat. Of course this changed in the 90s when George Bush Sr. launched a war against Iraq. And then there was the invasion in 2003 that disposed of Saddam. Scott and Slavin reflect on the ridiculous claims from that time arguing that regime change in Iraq would not hand Iran more influence, with some claiming it would weaken Iran by giving the U.S. leverage over the entire region,” writes Horton.

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