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What I’m Watching In The Markets This Week (Plus A Simple Currency Trade And Gold Price Update) – Mike Swanson (07/27/2021)

I’m talking a little faster in this trading video update than I usually do, because I’m covering several topics all at once for you in this stock market news update. People tune out of Youtube after ten minutes in this tik-tok culture that most Robinhood people are a part of. So, this is a lot of info without the fat. The “FANG” stocks are leading the market this week as expected. The GDX/GLD ratio is positive, which is a good sign for the price of gold going forward even if it is still in a stabilization phase. I talk about what I’m going to be watching in the markets as this week plays out and a small currency trade I did today.

The article I posted yesterday, full of charts, shows you the big risk factor in the markets now. We’ll see how it resolves this week.


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