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S&P 500 & XAU Gold Stock Index Update: Ike Iossif Money Flow Indicators – Mike Swanson (07/08/2021)

We have been seeing the S&P 500 go straight up, but how strong is the rally from a stock trading perspective? We also saw gold and mining stocks take a dip in June. Is that a major top or is this dip a buying opportunity?

These are questions I explored with Ike Iossif, who gave us an update on what his money flow indicators are showing in regards to these two key market indices. You can get more of Ike’s work at his website marketviews.tv.

BTW – one of the key concepts of stock trading is that traders buy the rumor and sell the news. They look to get out ahead of positive news releases by companies and sell before bad news hits and is obvious to everyone. When it comes to stock trading front running coming news can be a viable trade. Traders are going to do that ahead of the earnings reports for many stocks. This is one reason I’m not too worried about the stock market right at this second. It is also one of the reasons I chose my top stock pick for this month. To find out about it click here.