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Ochelli Effect: Media Human Materials Markets – Mike Swanson

This past Tuesday I was live on The Ochelli Effect. “

“Mike and Chuck discussed what the internet used to look like. Is the evolution of digital media responsible for the methods of propaganda succeeding as well as it does? Are the messages and the methodology of today one-in-the-same? Is the root of the discord in the western world truly grown in social media’s soil? What can the TV nation of the past teach us about the phone-based future? JP Sottile talks about the logical rise and fall of the American Intellect. Is TV the devastating weapon of mass delusions we were warned about in the 70s? Is it the audience or the creators we blame for the current desert of despair that is The American media landscape? Will there be a Chinese-style Social Credit System in a land where credit is fictional and there is only Anti-Social Media? Tuesdays are always fine on The Ochelli Effect,” writes Chuck Ochelli.

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