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Shares of Penny Stock Probability Media Corp. (OTCMKTS: PBYA) Rally over 140% In Morning Trading On News – Tim Bellamy (06/28/2021)

Today is a mixed day in the stock market as overall stock market volatility is shrinking. However, there is huge trading action in penny stock Probability Media (OTCMKTS: PBYA), which is up over 140% to be one of the top gaining stocks on the US OTC exchange. Already the stock has done over 642 million shares in trading action on over 2,900 individual trades. So, it is not simply up a lot, but being on of the stocks with largest number of individual trades today. Take a look at the chart.

What is going on in the stock?

First the company issued a press release before the opening bell detailing news that its key subsidiary North American Crane Bureau Group has created a new training program involving Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA), Marathon (NYSE: MRO) and BAE Systems (OTC: BASEY). According to the release, “These programs consists of onsite training for crane operators, inspectors, rigging personnel and signal personnel and lift equipment trainers within these organizations. In addition, these engagements are long term training arrangements that are expected be replicated throughout their corporate footprint. With the loosening of restrictions that resulted from Covid-19, many corporations are scrambling to become compliant with OSHA safety standards, crane inspections and crane operator training and recertification. NACB has recently added additional world class trainers in anticipation of the urgency by companies around the world requiring these safety protocols.”

Stock traders are looking to buy stocks that are moving and by linking itself to Tesla, PBYA management has generated attention today among Tesla stock traders. PBYA stock currently is not complaint with SEC filings and is listed as “Dark Defunct” on the OTC Markets website, so caution is in order. They have not made a filing with the SEC since 2019.

The price action though is creating a frenzy of excitement on Twitter.

I have no position in PBYA and am not trading it. Without SEC filings it is too speculative for me, even though there is potential in the right small cap penny stocks. If you our top stock pick for the month subscribe to the free WallStreetWindow morning stock trading updates by clicking here.