Update On My Robinhood Account (Why So Many Robinhood Stocks Are Falling) – Mike Swanson (05/11/2021)

Yesterday, the Nadaq got smashed for a 350 point drop, but gold and oil went up. During most of the day the DOW was up over 250 points and only fell 34 points on the close. Around 2:30 PM EST I did a video update on my ten position Robinhood account. Most of my stocks were up while almost all of the 100 stocks listed as the most popular widely owned Robinhood stocks were not only down, but deeply in the red. You can watch my video update here:

Something is happening with the popular Robinhood stocks.

They are now dumping bad, even though much of the stock market is still doing fine.

I fear this trend is only going to continue and explain why in this update. The key now is to abandon past fads and get on the sustainable trends.


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