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Covid Is Fading Away In The United States, But Inflation Is Coming – Mike Swanson (04/13/2021)

Covid is continuing to fade away in the United States thanks to the deployment of vaccines and the simple fact that millions of people caught it in the past six months. It is fading away fast enough that by June and July it will be barely be in the air in the United States. That is not true for the rest of the world, but it is true for this country judging by the most accurate projections. The threat of variants that has been talked about recently in the media just hasn’t stopped the trend of falling virus infection rates.

Here is the current stats and projections for infections per day.

As you can see in about six weeks the infections are going to be as low as they were in February of 2020.

You can see this information for yourself and look at other countries by going to the source right here.

We are heading for an economic boom. How long it lasts I don’t know, but it is going to come with inflation.

Today we’re going to get new CPI numbers that are likely to show that is already starting before the opening bell at about 8:30 AM EST.