Home Culture and Society Ochelli Effect: Humanity Criminals Apes Planet – Mike Swanson (03/04/2021)

Ochelli Effect: Humanity Criminals Apes Planet – Mike Swanson (03/04/2021)

On Tuesday I was live on The Ochelli Effect. I mentioned my new book at the beginning Why The Vietnam War? Then we went into other historical topics. “Chuck and Mike discussed interesting figures in history who may have acted in criminal ways from behind the scenes while war machines rumbled on. History may or may not spare the mechanics within industrial complexes from damnation. Does literature shape history, or is history influencing literature? How can someone reconcile the truth from all of it?,” writes Chuck Ochelli.

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“Pearse Redmond joined Chuck in the second hour and discussed racist cartoons and racial allegories in film and literature. Is the author of The Cat In The Hat pushing racism? Does Mr. Potato Head no longer need to be gender-specific? From The Planet of The Apes to the current War of Terror are there lessons unlearned in our distant and recent history? Pearse also reveals his recent lack of enthusiasm to generate a lot of content.”