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Gregor Gregersen: Bullion Dealer – High Demand & Major Shortages – Source – Palisade Radio (03/25/2021)

Tom welcomes Gregor back to the show to discuss the action in the silver markets. Last year brought an enormous increase in physical demand, which waned slightly in Q4 but has since picked up again.

Gregor provides several reasons why Singapore is an excellent jurisdiction for a storage bullion business. The financial system is all based on trust and faith. Today there is rampant money printing, and at some point, people may not accept dollars. When a loss of confidence occurs with the dollar, the government will have to create a new system likely based on gold. To mitigate confiscation risks, they offer offshore bullion storage outside of US authority. He believes much of the retail silver market shortages are only on specific items like products made at government mints. 1000oz bars are still readily available but at slightly higher premiums. He explains how some gold deliveries last year were difficult due to Covid restrictions, resulting in higher premiums. He discusses the strategy of trading between gold and silver when the relative ratios show buying opportunities. It’s a brilliant strategy to utilize. Platinum is relatively underpriced, and he discusses why that may be an opportunity. Palladium, on the other hand, is now overpriced. Platinum is tough to obtain, so that may limit investor’s ability to buy. He discusses the naked shorting in the equity market and how similar behavior occurs in the silver markets. The recent Gamestop activity shows the systemic risk in the financial system. The day will come where physical silver can’t be obtained, so buy it and sit on it. It’s not just an investment. It’s insurance. Gregor explains how their Cache Gold Token works and why they have made their system extremely transparent. He describes how their marketplace works and enables converting tokens into a delivery order or selling it. It’s a clever way to combine gold and crypto.