Home US Politics Critiquing Joe Biden w/ Branko Marcetic – Source – Parallax Views (03/08/2021)

Critiquing Joe Biden w/ Branko Marcetic – Source – Parallax Views (03/08/2021)

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On this edition of Parallax Views, what should we know about the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden? How has he operated in the past as a politician? What special interests may seek to influence his administration? What is his relationship to organized labor? What should progressives expect from him?

Branko Marcetic, a staff writer for Jacobin magazine and author of Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden, joins us for the hour to tackle these questions and many others. We discuss:

– the Biden administration and the Wall Street investment firm Blackrock
– Biden, the military-industrial complex, and the foreign policy think tank the Center for a New American Security
– the “America is back” and “return to normal” rhetoric of Bidenism
– can Biden be pressured by the Left (or, for that matter, the Right)?
– Biden and neoliberalism
– Biden and the AFL-CIO
– Answering the question of whether Biden should be criticized from the Left or if that would only empower Trumpism
– Biden’s Presidency so far and his early Executive Orders
– Biden and the Amazon Union vote
– Biden and the suburban middle class; Reagan Democrats
– And much, much more!

Source: Critiquing Joe Biden w/ Branko Marcetic