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The Tripartite State and Deep Politics w/ Aaron Good – Source – Parallax Views (02/22/2021)

On this edition of Parallax Views, Aaron Good, a protégé of previous Parallax Views guest Peter Dale Scott, joins us to discuss his dissertation American Exception: Hegemony and the Dissimulation of the State. Hot off his appearance on TrueAnon, Aaron explains to us his concept of the Tripartite State as it relates to ideas about the Democratic State, the National Security State, and finally (and most controversially) the Deep State (although Aaron’s conception of the Deep State, much like Peter Dale Scott’s, is very different than the popular QAnon formulation of the concept). In this conversation we discuss:

– Peter Dale Scott’s conception of the “Overworld” and Underworld of power.

– How Aaron became involved in subjects related to Scott’s work- The formation of the CIA and its relation to Wall Street

– U.S. supported coup d’états and support of Latin American death squads- The Nixon era, Watergate, the Church Committee, the election of Ronald Reagan, and America’s political realignments

– The John Birch Society, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission and other organizations/groups

– The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal, The Safari Club, international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi of Iran/Contra infamy, intelligence agencies, and other skullduggery

– Alliances between the mob and capitalism; United Fruit Company; Meyer Lansky; Nugen-Hand Bank; CIA agent Miles Copeland’s comments about a “CIA within a CIA”

– The revolving door between government, particularly intelligence agencies, and the private sectors of the military-industrial-complex

– John Locke, the State of Emergency and Continuity of Government (COG)- Nazi legal theorist Carl Schmitt, the Cold War, and the concepts of the Dual State, the State of Exception, and the Sovereign

– The hegemonic nature of what Aaron calls the Tripartite State

– Peter Dale Scott’s ideas about parapolitics and deep politics; the deep political system- Aaron and Peter Dale Scott’s recent CovertAction Magazine essay “Was the Now-Forgotten Murder of One Man on September 9, 2001 a Crucial Pre-condition for 9/11?”

Source: The Tripartite State and Deep Politics w/ Aaron Good