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Shares of HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd (OTCMKTS: HVBTF) Soar As Crypto Momentum Stock – Tim Bellamy (02/16/2021)

Today has been a mixed day for the markets. Energy stocks have gotten a bid as Texas refineries are at low operational capacity following ice storms. This is helping drive them shares of energy companies, but much of the rest of the broad US stock market gapped and faded after the open. However, shares of Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd (OTCMKTS: HVBTF) are up over 15% going into lunchtime to be one of the most actively traded stocks on the US OTC exchange. As you can see from this chart the stock has been a huge price gainer since November.

What is driving the gains is the fact that HIVE Blockchain Technologies engages in the mining of various crypocurrencies. As Bitcoin and other cryptos have gone up in the past few months HIVE has too and now it is going up even more with crypto traders closely watch Bitcoin. When they see it go up they start to pile into smaller virtual currencies and then begin to buy stocks such as HIVE, which is seen as a stock leader in the sector. The action is driving a huge amount of interest on Twitter.

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