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My New Book Is Coming Out Soon – Mike Swanson (12/09/2020)

I don’t have much to say about yesterday’s stock market action this morning, because not much really happened. Oil perked up a little bit and so did gold and the stock market, but as for as short-term action it was a dull day.

It’s probably going to trade like this for another week or two until the next Fed meeting. But when should we really worry about a new correction? I’ll have some thoughts on that tomorrow, but today I want to tell you I have a new book coming out right after New Years and you can pre-order the Kindle version right now.

It’s not about investing, but is a history book about the Vietnam War that is a follow up to my popular well reviewed book The War State.

Why did the Vietnam War begin?

When most Americans today think of the Vietnam War they think of the period of time between the years surrounding 1966 to 1969, because that is when most American soldiers actually went to Vietnam so it persists in the collective memory of their culture. It is the period portrayed the most in movies about the war and documentaries too even though in reality the conflict over Vietnam actually began in 1945 when the communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam was founded and lasted until its victory over South Vietnam in 1975.

For instance, the popular Ken Burns ten episode TV series on the war released in 2017 had only one episode devoted to the time period 1945 to 1961. The series was more about the culture wars that began during those years of peak American involvement in the war and less about the causes of the war much less any real lessons that can be drawn from it, but this is also the period that most books about the war focus on too. It is hard for you to know why the Vietnam War happened without understanding how the United States first became involved in region from 1945 to 1961 before President Kennedy even sent advisors to Vietnam.

That is why this book starts right at the beginning to answer the question why did the Vietnam War really begin?

If you pre-order the book from Amazon.com you’ll get it instantly as soon as it is released to your Kindle or other ebook reader. To do that just click here.