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Link Global Technologies (OTCMKTS: LGLOF) Is Attracting Trading Interest – Mike Swanson (11/16/2020)

In the world of small cap stocks this summer there have been two big trends that have attracted a lot of trading interest.  The first is companies that have positioned themselves to get involved in aiding people and other companies in the global pandemic.  Many big and small biotech companies stepped up developing treatments and even vaccines.  The second big trend has been the electric battery and electric vehicle trend.  A trick to stock trading is to get in early in the trends and not late in the game.

Hopefully, the pandemic trend will pass in a few months, but a new tech trend is starting to emerge on the horizon and Global Link Technologies (OTCMKTS: LGLOF) is in the middle of it.  This company just did a financing a few months ago to fund its operations and future innovations.  It’s shares trade on the US OTC exchange as LGLOF and on the Canadian Stock Exchange as LNK.  

On both exchanges the stock has been seeing an uptick in trading volume as traders are starting to take interest, while the stock itself is still near solid support at 30 cents making for a nice entry point, as you can see from this chart.

The company has a market of roughly $10 million US dollars and completed an IPO back in November of 2019.  It builds and manages semi-portable, self-contained power solutions (containers) that can be rapidly deployed in virtually any environment.  This is a rapidly growing new technology trend that some have projected to grow into a $23 billion dollar market by 2024.  According to Mordor Intelligence, the container power market “is expected to reach a value of USD 29.34 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 25.49% during the forecast period (2020 – 2025). With the growing adoption of cloud and increasing data generation, the demand for data centers has spiked drastically over the past few years. Enterprise equipment provider, Cisco, projected the volume of digital traffic to triple over the next five years.”

“The Containerized Data Center are fabricated in a manufacturing facility and shipped to the end-user in the container. Most of the components in this type of data center are preinstalled, and offer limited flexibility, in terms of replacement and upgrading components. Evidently, with many companies looking for immediate and reliable scaling solutions, containerized data centers provide flexibility to their users. For more than 40 % of organizations, scalability was one of the top challenges in maintaining a data center. The flexibility of the containerized data centers, i. e. , adding new units as and when required, allows organizations to meet the fluctuating demands in a fast way,” explains Mordor.

Everyone is talking about cloud computing, and in the big picture this is a bit of a similar trend and that is how Link Global Technologies first got involved.  It has two major container computer facilities.

The first is in Boardman, Oregon and features two 40 ft. containers for a total of 900 machines. This facility is strategically located within the West Coast power grid, one of the most stable power grids in the world.  The second is in Trail, British Columbia and has 550 machines co-located within an existing data centre in the i4C innovation building, “Canada’s first Industry 4.0 hub.”

It first used these containers to mine Bitcoin for revenue, but then realized that they could be leased out or rented to others too as a growth strategy.  In June it signed 6 MW Power Purchase Agreements with Block One Technologies for their digital currency mining operations.  “We are very pleased to be working with an experienced, professional group such as Block One Technologies,” said Stephen Jenkins, President & CEO of Link.

“This partnership allows Block One to access our existing power assets in order to conduct its digital mining operations more cost effectively, while also allowing us to expand our current business operations. While this is the first formal agreement between Block One and Link, the companies intend to pursue future agreements that will play an important role in Link’s growth strategy.”

This year Link Global Technologies also purchased from Convega Energy Ltd. (“Convega”) and Gunnarr Resources Inc. (“Gunnarr”), two Alberta-based energy providers, a 25% stake in certain of their jointly owned petroleum and natural gas rights and assets in order to secure low cost power for its operations that build the value of its own leases.

The CEO of Link Global Technologies did this interview a few weeks ago with David Skarica of AddictedtoProfits.net.

You can find the companies corporate presentation by clicking here.

There is a lot of synergy here and in a new emerging niche I think there is some opportunity for this stock, especially going into the end of the year with the way the financial markets are now setup.

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