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Shares of Visium Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS: VISM) Soar In Morning Trading – Tim Bellamy (10/26/2020)

This has been a rough morning trading day for the US stock market as the DOW fell over 600 points after the market open. Worries about the election and growing virus cases are hurting sentiment. However, one bright spot are shares of Visium Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS: VISM), which are up over 84% so far today. The stock has simply soared in the past week to get the attention of small cap traders. Take a look at the chart.

VISM is a small cap stock with a market cap around $8 million US dollars. Today it is one of the top traded stocks on the US OTC exchange in terms of volume and the number of actual individual trades being executed. Visium Technologies Inc. is a cybersecurity company developing a product it calls Cybergraph®. In an April press release it explained that this “real-time security visualization engine allows users to quickly and intelligently proceed from information, to insight, to action. Cygraph® is a system for improving network security posture maintaining situational awareness in the face of cyberattacks, and focusing on protection of business-critical assets.”

Today on Twitter traders are noticing the stock.

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