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Shares Of New Covid Small Stock Play VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd (CVE: VPT) Rise 27.27% In Morning Trading – Tim Bellamy (10/05/2020)

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both are rallying this morning as everyone is watching the news of Donald Trump’s fight against the coronavirus. This struggle is bringing attention to this virus and even making traders buy stocks related to it this morning. Shares of VentriPoint Diagnositcs Ltd (CVE: VPT) (OTCMKTS: VPTDF) are up over 27% in morning trading today as a result.

VentriPoint Diagnostics Inc (CVE: VPT) went through a company reorganization over the summer and reinvented itself as an organization in the fight against the coronavirus through what it says is its “application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to echocardiography. Ventripoint’s VMS products are powered by its proprietary KBR technology, which is the result of a decade of development and provides accurate volumetric cardiac measurements equivalent to MRI. This affordable, gold-standard alternative allows cardiologists greater confidence in the management of their patients.” According to the company, the “urgency to better understand the damaging effects of COVID-19 on the heart has significantly elevated the profile of our products amongst the cardiovascular community. Now we can deploy our full team to close the sales established with tier one prospects and continue to penetrate the ever-increasing need for accurate, clear and economic imaging of all quadrants of the heart.” The CEO recently did this interview with Proactive.

The stock only began to trade again on the Canadian Venture exchange in September and is only trading on the US OTC grey sheets under the symbol VPDTF. The stock though today has already done over 2 million shares of trading volume in Canada and is starting to attract the attention of traders who watch the markets with trading software and even people on Twitter.

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