Obsoleted Engineered Economic Relapse With Charles Hugh Smith – Source – Ochelli Effect (10/14/2020)

Charles Hugh Smith was a guest on The Ochelli Effect last week.

“In hour one we are pleased that Charles Hugh Smith arrived so Chuck did not rant for an entire hour. Aside from that, Mr. Smith took us to school on the Casino of cash for the elites that have ravaged the rest of us. Chuck and Charles discussed the so-called stimulus that may or may not come before the selection day. What is the FED doing? Is there any innovation coming to bail us out? Why is the fast-food business buzzing What dangerously bloated government program might actually do some good? Are we being over-regulated? Have we been Obsoleted? Has your faith in the dollar been hijacked? Is Kamala a Commie? Is roid-rage the right style of policy for 2020? Regular Joe joined Chuck in the second hour. Is Stupid contagious? Can Chuck and Joe stay on track for five minutes? Puppets, Jerry Springer, and the VP debate all got mentions along with Adam Sandler and we learned if Joe’s mom is racist,” writes Chuck Ochelli.

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