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Shares Of Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: PASO) Rallies 58% In Morning Trading – Tim Bellamy (09/01/2020)

This morning shares of Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: PASO) are up over 58% in morning trading as we enter the lunch hour. The company announced news this morning that is attracting some interest among small cap traders for the stock. Take a look at the chart

As you can see the stock has been fairly dormant until it started to actually trade up a bit yesterday before today’s surge. The company announced earlier this year in April. that it had signed a letter of intent to complete a reverse merger. Nothing has happened with that reverse merger yet, but today the company put out an additional press release to announce an increase in authorized shares ahead of any a planned reverse merger with CLX Heath. The company stated:

“The increase that has been approved by the majority of Shareholders is 1,750,000,000 and provides us flexibility to use a portion of these newly authorized shares to close the transaction with CLX, as well as with any other entity, by providing enough shares in the Treasury to issue a new series of Convertible Preferred shares envisioned to be priced at $15.00 per share.”

“This clearly provides the Company with a new class of security that will not be deemed a penny stock. It is believed that this will provide us access to both an entire new group of sophisticated and professional investors to finance our planned growth.”

PASO stock has a market cap of over $30 million, which is fairly significant for a stock in this situation. The company has no website and few details on the CLX Health. However, the news and price action is driving a frenzy on twitter:

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