Home Culture and Society Ochelli Effect: Collapsing Empire Homeland Economics – Mike Swanson (09/18/2020)

Ochelli Effect: Collapsing Empire Homeland Economics – Mike Swanson (09/18/2020)

On Tuesday I was live on The Ochelli Effect for his full two hour show.

“What does the Stock Market Casino tell us about the current inequality in America? Mike Swanson talked about this, and the reality of Militia politics bubbling to the surface in these tense times”

“Does it bother you that wealthy weak white men are calling for violence? The people never wounded and bleeding in the streets seem to want blood! If you have never fired a shot in anger should you encourage others to do so?”

“Mike and Chuck seem to be searching for sanity and the shelves are as bare as the gun shops ammo shelves are near Chuck. Where are we going from here? Stay tuned.”

“Jp Sottile arrived in the second hour, and Mike stayed with us. Can the history relate to the fall of The Roman Empire instruct about the stumbling and likely falling American Empire? JP and Mike engaged in informed discussions about this. Conspiracy theories are fully weaponized nowadays.”

“A short environmental rant from Mr.Sottile and some honest analysis of how we might be taking the whole damn planet with us were also aired. By the way, all the wealth in the hands of a small elite class is nor good for anyone.”

The powers that should not seem to know what they are doing, yet fail to understand the details of the consequences, or simply do not care. None of this is any good.

Chuck’s show notes here.