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Shares Of DSG Global Inc. (OTCMKTS: DSTG) Rise On Product Line Promises – Mike Swanson (08/24/2020)

While the stock market had a nice gap up this morning, many stocks like TSLA gapped on the open and faded. However, several stocks that have been trading strong on the US OTC exchange recently are trading up today such as shares of Shares of GreenPower Motor Company Inc (OTCMKTS: GPVRF) up 30.95% this morning and shares of Cytodyn Inc. (OTCMKTS: CYDY), which are up 15.45%. We mentioned both of these stocks in updates last week. Meanwhile today shares of DSG Global Inc. (OTCMKTS: DSTG) are completely soaring as they are up 126.29% on huge volume. The stock has traded over 17 million shares today and has a market cap of $2.136 million. Check out the chart.

DSG Global Inc. (OTCMKTS: DSTG) is a company that has several subsidiaries involving in the golfing industry. Their main products consist of electronic tracking systems and fleet management solutions to golf courses to allow for remote management of the course’s fleet of golf carts, turf equipment and utility vehicles. They have announced a new line of products that is generating a lot of attention, including an electric cart vehicle capped the Raptor. It promises to make golfing more fun and exciting and removes the need for a human caddie.


Last week the company gave a corporate update in a press release. In this release it stated that “the company will also be announcing a new expanded lineup of vehicles soon to arrive.” “We are excited to finally be entering the electric vehicle space. While it has taken more time than anticipated to become operational, the company will be selling hundreds of vehicles each month. The first orders for the Low Speed Electric Vehicles is being prepared for release with the manufacturer.” said Rick Curtis, President, Imperium Motor Corporation. Imperium is a division of DSG Global, Inc. The recent rise in the share price and linkage to electronic vehicles is driving a lot of interest on twitter as you can see from these tweets.

I do not own any shares of DSTG and am simply watching it. In a way I don’t like to buy stocks after they have already moved up this much in one day and have specific trading patterns I prefer to use for entry points. After a move like this I like to see if a stock can consolidate and base before moving higher. Every day before the opening bell I send out an email with a list of top news articles and things of note that I am watching in market. You can get this for free just click here to subscribe.