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Ochelli Effect Interview: The Ramifications Of The Coming Dollar Bear Market – Mike Swanson (08/06/20200

On Tuesday I was live on The Ochelli Effect for an hour. I talked about what I think is a momentous turning point now happening in the financial markets with the US dollar falling right to long-term support against many currencies. Several key world currencies are right on resistance going back for years.

Yes – everyone is focused on the US stock market and that’s all they talk about on TV and as traders we like to open up our accounts and look at our stocks everyday. It’s fun to watch my top stock pick for this month and to run the scans and see what is happening inside the markets. I keep track of coming opportunities using the relative strength indicator. Meanwhile most people are caught up in the social media “news” cycle they see on TV and Facebook oblivious to the something big that is happening that we can’t lose sight of – what looks like the start of dollar bear market.

What are some of the ramifications of all of this?

I talked about that with Chuck Ochelli. You can download the MP3 file by clicking here or listen via Youtube.

After I was on JP Sottile of newsvandal.com came on. “JP talked about what listeners wanted to know. Is the recent Trump trend in interviews a good sign? Will JP keep the Rundown going if a less than typical election result happens in November? Many stops along the way brought us to the conversation’s final destination. Explosions in Lebanon claimed lives before airtime. Chuck and JP examine the known information and make some disturbing observations,” writes Chuck Ochelli.