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Share of Vystar Corp. (OTCMKTS: VYST) Are Soaring Again On Breakout Chart Action – Mike Swanson (07/17/2020)

Shares of Vystar Corporation (OTCMKTS: VYST) are soaring this morning up 26.56% so far today as we approach the twelve PM lunch hour on the east coast. The stock has also done over 35 million shares of trading volume this morning. This type of action and volume gets the attention of penny stock trading screens. I actually first talked about this stock back in May when it started its initial breakout move in an early blog post making me one of the first to even write about this stock. Take a look at the chart.

This company’s stock has a market cap of $28 million and the company itself owns several consumer products, including a line of beds, pillows, and air purifiers. It is the latter that has drawn a lot of attention to the stock, because it has enabled the company to link itself to virus worries and to help those trying to protect themselves from the coronavirus. A press released from the company yesterday helped draw more attention to this.

Yesterday the company announced that it was going to produce its RxAir400 UV-C Light Air Purifiers with a new manufacturer. “Our new manufacturer, UV-C light bulb supplier and other suppliers resumed operations after coordinating with health officials to ensure proper COVID-19 protocols for employee and customer safety,” stated Steve Rotman, Vystar CEO. “Many companies now offer UV-light products, but as the CDC and Live Science reported, ‘it takes the right kind of UV in the right dosage’ to be effective. RxAir’s ViraTech UV-C light delivers the right kind and dosage to inactivate numerous Coronavirus strains.”

This news and stock action has created a lot of notice on Twitter as you can see from these recent tweets:

The tweets are fascinating, because these people are just finding out about this UV light device when it has been in the news since May and we posted about it. Making money in stocks is about getting in early before the masses take notice. I don’t own VYST, but my top summer stock pick is one not yet known among the twitter traders and lining up even better in my opinion. To find out about it click here.