Jaime Carrasco: Preparing for a Monetary Reset with Gold and Safe Haven Assets – Source – Palisade Radio (07/10/2020)

Tom welcomes returning guest Jaime Carrasco of Canaccord Genuity to the program. Jaime discusses asset allocations in their portfolios and why many investors in various funds have little or no exposure to the precious metal sector. It can be difficult for many money managers to provide exposure to precious metals for their clients. Canaccord’s Special Opportunity Portfolio is structured for that purpose.

Jaime discusses a couple of charts that demonstrate the performance of gold and mining equities in recent months. They show a relative comparison between various possible investments like gold, miners, and the Dow going back to 2018. There appears to be a gradual restructuring occurring behind the scenes. Jaime anticipates a reset to a new hard money backed system. He expects Trump to focus on what works for the United States and not just Wall Street.

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