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As Silver Soars There Are New Stock Market Trends For New Traders To Adapt To – Mike Swanson (07/27/2020)

This morning gold and silver are completely soaring. They are beating all three major market averages this year in performance and are likely to do so going forward. Despite that fact there is zero interest in them on Robinhood as not a single metals ETF or mining stock is in the top 100 list of their most owned positions. Moves like this will finally get some Robinhood type traders to begin to chase – as without any real strategy that is what most of them do.

Chasing rising stocks and ETF’s works though at the start of a move.

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting story this weekend titled “Everyone Is A Day Trader.” It showed how millions of people have gotten into trading for the first time since March through popular apps like Robinhood and brokers like Etrade. These people got into the market during the very start of a big stock market rally. Such rallies typically have three phases to them and now market conditions are changing. New traders need to understand what is happening and all traders and investors need to understand the new big trends that have happened in the precious metals markets with gold and silver investing last week too. I talk about these topics in this video.

Now is actually an exciting time in the markets. Market shifts create big opportunities for those that take advantage of them.

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