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Russell 2000 Tips Over As Silver Lines Up (With Chris Vermeulen Technical Analysis Stock Trader) – Mike Swanson (05/14/2020)

Yesterday the stock market went down. While there has been some strength in technology stocks recently, this week the Russell 2000 has acted weaker than the Nasdaq and S&P 500 stock market averages and has tipped over. At the same time gold has been strong to the delight of gold investors. Silver also appears to be lining up as many silver mining stocks have recently gone to new highs. This is why my top stock pick for this month is on fire.

I talked about this situation with stock trader Chris Vermeulen to get his take on things. I recently posted two of his (very timely) articles:



Now is the time to take the markets seriously. Times of big volatility bring huge opportunities if you follow the trends. You can find out more about Chris Vermeulen by going to this special link to his website here: