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Podcast: Coranavirus Wave Peak Near, But Fallout Is Real (With Carmine Savastano) – Mike Swanson (05/11/2020)

As far as the stock market goes the Bollinger Bands are squeezing still on the S&P 500 and DOW to suggest that a sharp move is in store for a few days this week. I talked about this in a Friday blog post.

In this podcast I talked with Carmine Savastano, the author of the new book Human Time Bomb: The Violence Within Our Nature, about the coronavirus. We talked about the economic and political fallout and how this may run its course with a second wave in the Fall. However, there is some good news for now. This first wave may be at a peak.

You can see the stats for yourself with this link:


Business Insider on potential wave scenarios:


How on woman got the virus despite doing everything she could not to get it:


More than half of cases in NY are now people staying in their home as much as they can:


To grab Carmine’s book Human Time Bomb go here: