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News Puts Shares Of Penny Stock Transportation and Logistics Systems Inc (OTCMKTS: TLSS) In Play – Tim Bellamy (05/28/2020)

Today shares of Transportation and Logistics Systems Inc (OTCMKTS: TLSS) are up over 18% on huge volume on the US OTC market. In fact according to otcmarkets.com it is the top traded stock today in terms of the number of individual trades put on it. This does not mean top trading volume in shares, but the number of individual trades, which is huge. It means more people are trading this stock this morning than any other on the US OTC exchange. It’s incredible. Look at the stock chart.

Shares of TLSS have actually been going up now for about a week and really got attention of traders when they went through 10 cents a share. The moves higher only get the notice of more stock traders and many of them pile in as you can see today. The stock still only has a market cap of $3.3 million USD so it does not take a lot of money coming into the stock to make it go up.

But big news is helping to make this happen. Two days ago the company announced blowout earnings in which they projected revenues of $30 million this year. These expectations are in part the result of an acquisition the company announced in February to purchase GRC Trucking, Inc., a New Jersey based full-service logistics provider specializing in the import/export ocean and rail intermodal and drayage shipping. 

John Mercadante, President of TLSS, stated of this deal, “We are very excited about the prospect of joining forces with the GRC team, a company with a successful 30-year track record in the industry.  GRC is expected to add another exciting dimension to our growing business, providing revenue enhancement, diversification and multiple opportunities for growth.  Geographic proximity to our PrimeEFS and ShypDirect hub in New Jersey was another important strategic consideration since both parties anticipate that we will be able to generate significant improvements in operating margins through improved asset utilization, reductions in fuel and facility costs as well as the elimination of other duplicative expenses.”

On Twitter today small traders are excited about the action.

I don’t own this stock myself and am just watching it. Mike Swanson, the founder of WallStreetWindow doesn’t either, but his top stock pick for this month has soared and looks like it will keep going up. Get on his free email update list to get his next big pick coming out this coming Monday by going here.

-Tim Bellamy