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What Will Happen When Coronavirus Shutdowns End And The Economy Opens Back Up? (With Carmine Savastano) – Mike Swanson (04/28/2020)

The stock market has put on a nice rally over the past few weeks since its March low in anticipation of the coronavirus shutdowns coming to an end and the economy opening back up, but what will it be like in June when this happens nationally? I talked about this topic with Carmine Savastano of www.tpaak.com in this podcast.

The old economy as we knew it is gone and in time this shutdown situation will end, but no one is really talking about what will come next. In the state of Virginia the governor is working in conjunction with Maryland and DC to put together a three phase plan. This was described in news stories of this past weekend such as this one:


Look for a new testing regime to begin when things are opening back up, but our lives are not going to be normal for at least a year.
This article also said that the states are now in talks with Google and Apple about an app they plan to release in May that will be on people’s phones to send alerts when they get in contact with someone who has been discovered to be sick with the virus. They will then be told to get tested themselves and quarantine. It will be difficult to want to take airplane trips in such a situation and be hard on people who have to use buses and public transportation. The internet companies are getting ready to deploy this app and no one seems to know about this. Wikipedia has a good article on what is being planned for these COVID-19 apps (check out the flow chart graphic):

Are stock traders and stock market bulls justified in believing in the rally? It makes sense for fast money traders to trade and buy as long as they can, but are the expectations people have going to end up being disappointments? In reality those in the stock market would be best to get with gold, but most people in the market only care about the S&P 500, DOW, and tech stocks. I talked with Carmine Savastano about all of these topics and questions. You can get his book Human Time Bomb at Amazon.com by clicking here.