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There Is A Surge In New Stock Market Traders Opening Robinhood Accounts – Mike Swanson (04/30/2020)

There is a surge in people doing stock trading. The number of stock trades being done a day for instance with Ameritrade was less than 1 million a year ago and now is close to 3 million. 609,000 new Schwab accounts have been opened this year and there are now over 11 million Robinhood accounts, with 50% of those people opening a trading account for the very first time.

This rise in stock trading began when many online brokers went to free commissions, but became a complete surge after the stock market dropped in March. Many people are buying stocks to make back their losses or are opening up accounts for the first time to take advantage of what they see as a bull market buying opportunity. However, new stock traders need strategies and technical analysis tactics to truly succeed in the markets. I use stage analysis as my key to figure out where the best opportunities are.

Knowing the best patterns is a key to success. The number one stock trading pattern is one I call The Two Fold Formula. Grab my book on it here: