Ochelli Effect Interview: Shotgun Shells With Anchovies – Mike Swanson (04/24/2020)

On Tuesday night I was interviewed on The Ochelli Effect talking about oil and the economy. In second half Pearse Redmond came on. Ochelli:

“Oil is worth less than zero? Mike Swanson explains this and the reality of cabin fever on a Tuesday night. How many financial instruments are broken? Does anyone remember the end of America”

“What is life going to be like in the new surveillance state? Will the economy hit the ground running or shake, rattle, and roll with a semi-cold start? Is this a new era in market exchanges?”

“Pearse Redmond joined Chuck in the second hour to discuss the new world disorders and the odd bending of the collective conscience. What are you having a hard time getting these days?”

To listen to this MP3 file click here.

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